Nancy Pond

White Mountains, New Hampshire


The Nancy Pond Trail. Hmmmm. What can I say about it.... Not much! I don't even remember where it is, except to say it's in New Hampshire! :) I *do* remember it being one heck of an uphill hike, though. Very peaceful and quiet. A great feeling of solitude on this one.

Along this trail you pass the Nancy Cascades along Nancy Stream on your way to Nancy Pond. I wonder who Nancy was? She must have made quite an impression to have all this named after her!


At the beginning of this trail was a notice board used to give current conditions, warnings, etc, to hikers in the area. There was a notice posted about bear activity, saying there had been some in the area lately and to be on the lookout. Oh goody, what a nice way to start an overnight hike! Didn't see any, though. What we did see, were some fantastic views while on the way up this mountain. I'm not that great a photographer but these three pics show some of what we got to see. The middle one is part of the Nancy Stream as it flows downstream over the rocks. The water level was very low while we were there, and fire hazard was high.

View - 164k Water - 144k View = 130k

Once we got to the Pond, there was only one area suitable for camping. It was just big enough for our two tents. On the left is a pic of my sister exploring along the stream. The center pic shows our "kitchen" with the pond in the background. Mmmmm, nothing like freeze-dried lasagna and pond water to warm you up in the cool mountain air! The pic on the right shows Home. *grin* That's my brother-in-law waiting outside for my sister to come out of the tent. From the looks of the area, moose use this clearing, too.

Pen exploring - 164k Camp Kitchen - 146k Home Sweet Home - 158k

The Pond itself was very still and quiet. There was almost no sound whatsoever. It was kind of eerie yet peaceful at the same time. It was a crisp, cool day with a light breeze. The pics on the left and right are views of the pond. The center pic is a shot of the trail itself. In the mucky spots, there were these logs laid out to walk on so the trail wouldn't get any more eroded.

Nancy Pond - 115k Trail by Pond - 162k Nancy Pond - 109k

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