Mount Washington

White Mountain National Forest


Mount Washington is located in the White Mountain National Forest in upstate New Hampshire. It is the highest point in the northeastern United States with a summit of 6,288 feet.

The summit of this mountain is known as having the worst weather in the world. The world record for wind speed was recorded there on April 12, 1934 at 231 mph. Winds exceed hurricane force (75 mph) on an average of 104 days each year. People have died from exposure there in the summer time. In fact, at the summit is a sign listing the names of people that have died on the mountain and the conditions surrounding their death.

Regardless of all that, we had great weather for our trip! *grin* The temperature at the summit was in the mid 40's, the wind was only 2 mph, and it was a bright sunny day!

You can find out more at the Mount Washington Observatory page where you can get a live photo from the summit.


These three pics are from near the start of the trail. You begin enclosed by woods.

139k 165k 137k

The farther up you go, the the more stunted the trees become. Once you reach near the tree line, you are greeted by the 'Alpine Zone' sign. The sign tells how fragile the area is. They nailed it to a tree. (??) Make sense? *grin*
133k Alpine Zone sign - 156k 191k

This last picture is my favorite. It's a view looking out over the peaks of the Presidential Range. Absolutely beautiful...

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